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Best Air Sports to Do in Turkey

skiing in Turkey

Come and explore the stunning mountains and spectacular views of Erciyes or Uludag with an expert guide who knows the area like the back of his hand. Enjoy a customised ski touring trip that tailored to your every need and requirement, when you go and what you see and explore is all up to you!

The mountains in Turkey are higher than they are out towards the coast and the Kackar Alps, but they are not as sharp, making them perfect for ski touring. The climate is also dryer than further out towards the coast and therefore is not as affected by the weather conditions. The high mountains make a big difference in terms of weather conditions for short distances, providing good possibilities to find dry snow.

snowboarding in Turkey

Rules are made to be broken - make your mark on the Dolomites daring backcountry with freestyle snowboarding courses in the hidden Turkey valleys. When it comes to testing your snowboarding technique, Turkey snowboard holiday company believes pros aren't born in the snowpark, they're made off-piste, that's why their team of expert snowboarding instructors have created this specialised 3-hour course in the lesser-known areas of Turkey mountains.

Operating during the winter season when snowfall can hit over 150cm, their local freeriders scope out some of the best powder runs to help test your technique and improve your skill set. Offering group courses that cover a range of diverse downhill landscapes, students can expect to work on their switch stance, balance and landings whilst trying feature based jumps, kickers and grabs!

Wingsuit in Turkey

TURKEY WINGSUIT FLYING is a skydiving discipline and extreme sport which relies on the use of a specialised jumpsuit often referred to as a WINGSUIT, squirrel suit or birdman suit.

This jumpsuit is comprised of two arm wings and a leg wing which, supported by the use of inflatable pressurised nylon cells, increase the skydiver's surface area to increase lift and allow him/her to fly impressive horizontal distances at a slower descent rate, thus increasing their time in freefall. The wingsuiter uses his/her body to control forward speed, direction and lift; it can take years of practice to be able to achieve efficient flight and to successfully manage the suit's "angle of attack" to maximise performance.

Sailing in Turkey

Sailing on the coastline of Turkey is the best way to pass a hot day and explore the beautiful coastline only half an hour away from the center of the city. Get on board and enjoy a day of swimming, snorkeling and relaxing on the deck while sailing the coastline of Turkey.

An amazing experience awaits you in Turkey, with the day sailing trips departing at 9:00 am and getting back at 14:00 pm. 5 hours of sailing in the Turkish coastline, departing from the Aegean & Mediterranean Riviera Marina every morning. Hop on the sailboat and meet the friendly and experienced crew that will accompany you through the sailing trip. For 5 hours you will be sailing in the Mediterranean Gulf. Next to the experienced skipper, you can learn the basics of sailing, or simply relax.

Windsurfing in Turkey

The port and seaside holiday spot of Turkey lies south east of Turkish Riviera right on the coast. This charming seaside town is one of the most attractive areas on the shores of Turkey and it's a tourist favorite, specially for family holiday-makers! Turkey has a fantastic 10km long soft sandy beach, and right on the beach you will find plenty of fun things for everyone to do. One of the things that make this place so attractive is that there is much more to do that lay on the sand.

The historic old town will appeal to sightseers and you can even go on a shopping spree in the weekly market. The coastline is perfect for water sports, particularly windsurfing. There, Wind & Friends offers you a wide variety of courses, both for children and for adults. The 5 day basic windsurfing course will introduce you to the basic windsurfing techniques, allowing you to windsurf on your own under different wind force and wind direction during 2 and a half hour sessions each day.

Mountain biking in Turkey

For all those mountain riders who enjoy mountain biking to the fullest, from the most demanding riders to nature lovers, who seek the tranquillity of the mountain away from roads and cities, in Turkey mountain biking tours company we organize mountain bike tours that will surely do for your getaway or your vacations an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a personalized custom tour or one of our carefully designed proposals, the mountain tours are an ideal option for all those who decide to go on new Turkey mountain biking tours routes, with the guarantee of knowing that the route has been previously tested, anticipating to changes in the terrain.

Enjoy cycling year round, one of the best cycling destinations in Turkey. Whether it is a half day ride in the surrounding of Turkey, a few days pre-season Bike Stage, or a 4 to 10 days vacation. Turkey Bike Tours has a large selection of routes that can suit every taste.

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