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The aim of the game is to play each hole in as few shots as possible. The well known term birdie is where the hole has been completed in one stroke under par whereas a bogey is one stroke over par. Then we have the double bogey, triple bogey and quadruple bogey!! There are two forms of play - match play where each hole is a separate contest and stroke play which counts the number of strokes for the whole round is added up.

Wall Climbing TL 30
Wall Rappelling TL 30
Zipline TL 40
Commando & Type Net TL 20
Water Roller TL 20
Pressure Rocket TL 30
Lawn Zorb TL 30
Water Zorb TL 20
Bull Ride TL 30
Kids Paddle Boat TL 20
8 Obstacle Coure TL 40
Free Fall TL 30
Bungee Run TL 20
Human Gyro TL 30
Gun Shooting TL 20
Archery TL 20
Rafting TL 10
Paragliding TL 30
Quad Safari TL 26
4x4 Off Road Safari TL 32
Diving TL 23
Biking TL 12
Bungee Jumping TL 34
Microlighting TL 25
Go Karting TL 16
Hunting TL 28
Sky Dive TL 55
Canyoning TL 13
Sea Fishing TL 12
Sea Kayaking TL 23
Kitesurfing TL 9
Heliskiing TL 89
Jetskiing TL 16
Parasailing TL 23
Flyboard TL 24
Snowboard TL 27
Paintballing TL 15
Water Ski TL 11
Camel Ride TL 18
Hot Air Balloon TL 45
Horse Riding TL 18
Stand Up Paddle ( SUP ) TL 8
Shark Dive TL 19
Wakeboarding TL 13

Links Course - a tradition type of course with many long standing ones to be found in Britain. They are usually in the dunes between the beach and the farmland and contain few water hazards and few trees. Parkland Course - The typical inland course resembling a British park. They contain lots of trees and the fairways are cut as lawns. Xerisacpe Course - These are similar to parkland but with more utilisation of native plants to reduce the need for irrigation. Heathland Course - As the name suggests these are to be found on heathland and therefore feature heather and gorse. They are also less manicured than the parkland courses.